A Headspace Guide to Meditation

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Netflix and Headspace to create a trailer for their exciting new series on Meditation.

A Headspace Guide to Meditation’ is an animated series in which Andy Puddicombe takes us through a journey to explore the mind and discover how Meditation can benefit us in our lives. Each episode focuses on a different subject, such as stress, and explores the ways in which we can approach it, through a 10-minute guided meditation.

We help to devise the script and concept and designed a world that felt on brand whilst also allowing for our own personal touch.

We had fun coming up with the characters, scenarios, and little details that would inhabit this colourful world and help encourage audiences to engage with this new initiative by Netflix and Headspace.

Alongside creating the trailer for the Meditation series, we were also tasked with creating a unique bespoke advert for New Year's Eve 2020, to promote the launch of the Meditation series on January 1st, 2021.

We took the iconic Times Square Ball and reimagined it using the graphic language of Headspace.

It features a host of meditating characters, with some from your favorite Netflix 2020 lockdown shows.

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