Headspace Trailers

With an open brief, a highly collaborative spirit and an enthusiasm for humour, we worked with Netflix and Hornet to create original animated trailers for three series with Headspace. ‘Guide to Meditation’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Unwind Your Mind’ (above). 

Through colourful and whimsical journeys accompanied by Andy Puddicombe’s familiar and comforting voice, our characters (Bob, Barb and Brady!) get to observe, learn and experience the benefits of Meditation, inviting audiences to join them in this fully animated, mindful journey.

A Headspace Guide to Meditation takes us through a journey to explore the mind and discover how Meditation can benefit us in our lives.

We helped write the script and develop a world that felt on brand whilst also allowing for our own personal touch.

Sleep educates us on facts about sleep, helping us replace bad habits with new, healthier ones.

Embracing Headspace’s established purple based palette, we incorporated some sparkly bits and 3D elements to help showcase some of the series’ most interesting content. Anyone catch Bob’s dating profile pics?!

Unwind your Mind is an interactive experience, inviting the audience to pick and choose their meditation journey.

This led us to think of playful devices to represent choices and paths, so we went for...waterslides!

Suns and moons turn into portals for our stressed and agitated characters, leading them down colourful tubes to their relaxation, meditation and sleep environments. Brady chose the beach!

Alongside creating the trailers for the series, we were also tasked with creating a unique bespoke advert for New Year's Eve 2020, to promote the launch of the Meditation series on January 1st, 2021.

We took the iconic Times Square Ball and reimagined it using the graphic language of Headspace.

See the incredible series over at Netflix.

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