Mid-Year Campaign 2020

Normal day-to-day objects are given a surreal musical 3D twist in this upbeat campaign for Spotify.

These 12 musical themed looping animations were made to promote Spotify's 2020 premium feature. We worked alongside Hornet to bring Spotify's ideas to life and transform some familiar scenarios and objects into a colourful, minimalist, musical fantasy.

By employing a subtle stylised look with the shapes of our objects we were careful to strike a balance between the fantastical and the mundane. Mixing this with some realistic textures helped maintain a sense of familiarity whilst the colours and lighting were amped up to give it some punch. 

We had a blast collaborating with Spotify and the music and sound team at OTBirds who came up with some totally unexpected but brilliant sonic interpretations of the concepts.

It was really exciting to see all the elements come together to create such a joyful campaign for a brand with music at its core.

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