Sundown Place

Headspace approached us to create some new content for the promotion of Sleep, a place for restless sleepers to find meditation and music within their app. We produced a hero 60’’ film and six 15” spots starring a cast of characters all wanting a good night's sleep.


We collaborated with the team at Headspace to create a film to promote their new feature, ‘Sleep’. The concept was to take some of the content that customers would listen to in-app, and create an engaging visual piece that could live online.

Check out below the other six shorts pieces we made for Headspace's social media channels.

We came up with a visual style that felt very “Headspace” but that also inhabited its own world. As a way to reinforce this idea, we move from the original Headspace brand colours into the more sleepy and dreamy darker palette.

The challenge with these projects was finding a balance between the fun character animation and the soothing feeling that the films needed to communicate. To achieve this, we played around with relatable and strong facial expressions - nothing too cartoony - as well as a good dose of some indoor surrealism. Adding sleepy forest-scapes, magical sparkles, relaxing breezes…

...all designed to help our characters have a deep and restful sleep.

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